UK spouse and marriage visa requirements

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If you're a British citizen or UK legal permanent residence with no restrictions on your stay, and you wish to bring your foreign fiance partner or spouse, along with any dependents aged under 18 to the UK, you will need to sponsor them for a suitable settlement visa.

If your partner or spouse is currently overseas, they will need to apply for the visa or entry clearance to the local embassy, high commission or consulate. Whereas if they're currently in the UK on a long term resolve of their own such as a work permit or student visa it is possible that they can switch to a further leave to remain from inside the UK.

The initial settlement visa or further to remain gives your partner or spouse, the right to live and work in the UK for up to two and a half years. It can be extended for another two and a half years to allow a foreign nationals to complete their five year probationary period in the UK to qualify for indefinite leave to remain or settlement, which extends the right to live in the UK on an unlimited basis.

Alternatively if love is overseas and you're planning to get married in the UK within six months, you can apply for a fiance, or proposed civil partner visa immigrating to the UK as a fiance, or proposed civil partner of a British citizen or UK legal permanent residence is essentially a two step process.

The first part, generally happens overseas when they apply for a visa from the local British Embassy, high commission, or consonant. And the second part happens in the UK. Once you are married, when the initial six months of the visa is converted to two and a half years, further leave to remain from inside the UK. Please note that the fiance visa holders are not permitted to work in the UK.

Both of you must be aged at least 18 at the time of application. If your partner is not a national of the majority English speaking country or otherwise exemption the English language requirement as defined by the UK Border Agency, they will need to pass the mandatory English test before they can apply for entry clearance or further need to make. In addition to the minimum age, the language requirements for your partner, you must need a certain financial accommodation criteria to qualify for as a sponsor.

The minimum income threshold requirement for couples with no children is 18,600 pounds per annum. This increases to 22,400 pounds iff there is one dependent 24,800 pounds for two dependents, and 27 200 pounds or three etc etc.

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